Led by Tiki Ghosn, HBUTC offers the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Huntington Beach or anywhere else. Whether you’re a fighter or just trying to get fit, our BJJ instruction has something to offer everyone. We can take your skills to the next level, and it can be a key part of your personal fitness training in Huntington Beach.

Master Level Instruction

Huntington Beach Ulitimate Training Center was the first MMA school in California, and some of the top fighters in the country train here. Tiki has also trained, sparred, coached and cornered the likes of Michael Bisping, BJ Penn, Rob McCullough, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Jason Miller, Ricco Rodriguez, and many more professionals

If you want to take your jiu jitsu training to the next level, HBUTC will get it there. Once you’ve trained with the likes of MMA’s best, you’ll see the difference in your game. Your opponents will be taken by surprise, and you’re ground game will be vastly improved.

Not Just for Fighters

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t just for fighters either. No matter what fitness goals are, BJJ has plenty to offer.

  • Increased Flexibility – When you’re flexible, you get hurt less, and have a greater range of motion.
  • Increased Endurance – BJJ requires physical exertion for long periods that is different from other sports, and it will help you in every other sport as well.
  • Strength – While BJJ doesn’t rely on strength, it still helps. And as you train, you’ll develop different muscles from those you normally use, due to the unique nature of BJJ
  • Reflexes – In BJJ, you’re reactions must be quick, and perfectly done. Your reflexes will be even faster than you thought possible.
  • Quick Thinking – BJJ is often compared to chess, due to the amount of strategy involved. You’ll need to learn to think far in advance to come out a winner.

With its reliance on skill and technique, BJJ forces you to think and react quickly and efficiently. It’s also engaging and entertaining, so working out never becomes a mundane activity, but rather one you look forward to and enjoy.

Don’t wait to get in shape! Call us now for a free class and experience the best jiu jitsu training in Huntington Beach!