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The Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center is the first complete Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Southern California and arguably the US. It has been a landmark for aspiring Mixed Martial Artists, and professional fighters since it’s opening January 1st of 2001. We are referred to by many as the original home to the elite of Mixed Martial Arts, including Tito Ortiz, Tiki Ghosn, “Razor” Rob McCullough, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Ricco Rodriguez, Cheick Kongo and Michael “The Count” Bisping. These are among the many professionals who train, fight, teach and coach at the Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center.

Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center is the best alternative to the regular gym routine. Ideal for anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their lives, Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center provides unmatched training to make your fitness goals a reality. Train with the best in mixed martial arts and more importantly give yourself the opportunity to learn techniques of self-defense.

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This is by far the best facility, coaching and environment for jiu jitsu and MMA in Huntington Beach. The jiu jitsu is coached by black belt Johnny Morgan. He is an amazing instructor with a teaching style unlike any other jiu jitsu academies. You will learn to grapple at a higher level, at an unbelievable pace, and in a fraction of the time you see in other competitive jiu jitsu schools. I would highly recommend it - especially if you have been grappling around and been dissatisfied with other jiu jitsu programs.  Definitely worth checking out!

Huntington Beach Personal Training


I love coming here. We are all here to achieve a goal and I love that everyone is so willing to help each other do that. The members and the coaches are constantly motivating each other. This isn't like other gyms because this one truly feels like a family. I urge anyone looking to make the ultimate difference in their life and their fitness to come checkout HBUTC! :)

Huntington Beach Personal Training


I have been a member for a little over a year and I have nothing but amazing things to say about this gym.  I was never a person who loved working out until I started coming here!  
All of the trainers are amazing.  They are encouraging, they will challenge you, and are just great people to be around.  The classes are challenging, but can be modified for someone of any level.  A lot of the classes are small so you can get individual attention. 

One of my favorite things about the gym is the small atmosphere.  When I walk in the gym for a class, everyone says hi.  It's such a nice change from a big gym where no one talks to each other.  It's like everyone here is friends.  

My fitness level has improved drastically and it's because of their great staff, challenging but fun classes, and friendly atmosphere.  I look forward going to the gym everyday and would highly recommend HBUTC!

Huntington Beach Personal Training


I had been looking for a place to kick up my work out. I do go to a local gym. Its pretty basic. Treadmills, weights, nothing fancy. I found the HB Ultimate Training center online. Read the details on their website and decided to give it a try. I got there and everyone was super friendly. They offered a free class and decided to go with the cardio kickboxing class. They have various classes as well and personal training. Skyler hooked me up with a pair of gloves and wraps. The instructor name was Ray and I have to say this guy knows how to teach a class! He is very motivating and encouraging, he had us moving! After class I signed up for a full membership. To do this day I love going there. I had a goal from the very beginning to lose 15 pounds. I weighed in at 195 at the start of class. Now I'm at 185 and counting. I highly recommend this place to those who are trying to lose weight or need a little bump in their routine.

Huntington Beach Personal Training


I have never felt more welcome and encouraged by trainers than I was at HBUTC.  All of the trainers and staff at the front desk knew me by name pretty much after the first couple of months I started going here.  I was doing the cardio kickboxing and boot camp, and both classes were very challenging and always made me feel like I was getting an amazing workout.  I also liked that it started to feel like family after a while of going here.  
If you're in the area and want a challenging workout, I suggest you try HBUTC!!

Huntington Beach Personal Training


I just joined this gym about three weeks ago. I absolutely love the kickboxing classes. Skyler is an amazing instructor. I was a complete newbie to kickboxing and he helped me individually so I could pick up the combos during class. 

I recently quit another gym because of how filthy the bathrooms and equipment were. I absolutely LOVE how clean HB Ultimate is. They keep the place in good order too, no weights on the floors/in the wrong spots. There is never a wait to use equipment either which is a huge plus when I want to get in a quick workout. 

Although I am recently new to this gym they already made me feel like family. Skyler and Mike both comment if I haven't been in a few days. The staff is great and the clientele is very friendly. I recommend this gym!!!!

Huntington Beach Personal Training


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