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5 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

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5 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts, and sports of all kinds, provide immense benefit to kids. Processed foods, sugary drinks and increased amounts of screen time create an increased need to return to balance in people of younger and younger ages. Jiu-jitsu and other forms of martial arts help to provide that balance with physical activity, and practice with mental focus. This blog shares five benefits of martial arts for kids.




Martial arts, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing, help kids to learn how to pay attention to an instructor for an extended period of time, and perform the requested actions with focus. When children see their peers paying attention, they are influenced to stay on track as well.



Tired of asking your child to do the same chore 12 times, and then doing it yourself out of exasperation? In martial arts classes, children learn to respect the coach, and follow instructions promptly. Many of our martial arts parents report increased levels of respect at home after their child has participated in kickboxing and/or BJJ classes with our experienced coaches.



Coming to a martial arts gym teaches a child to get dressed, bring their gear, be on time for his or her class, and work hard for the coach. At HBUTC, we usually have an adults class going on in another part of the gym at the same time children ages 4 - 12 are working out in our martial arts classes for kids. This allows the younger crowd to observe others on their own missions of physical fitness and be inspired to remain dedicated, too.


Physical Fitness for Kids

One of the most obvious benefits of martial arts for kids is physical fitness. Jiu-jitsu and other martial arts enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, while helping kids to build hand-eye coordination. Kids in martial arts classes also learn combinations, strategies, and techniques that help them develop the mind-body connection.


Self-Defense for Kids

Unfortunately, bullying is a very real part of school and social situations for kids, who sometimes even face negativity online via social media as well. While of course, we all hope it’s never needed, learning a martial art like jiu-jitsu allows young people to be prepared for self-defense.

Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center offers martial arts classes for kids every week day. To find out more about why martial arts is beneficial for kids of all ages, or sign your child up to try us out, simply visit our contact page.

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